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Omnia Dental Spa 243 Station Road, Wythall, Birmingham, B47 6ET

Dental Hygiene Services

Omnia Dental Spa £ Birmingham 01564 822224 Omnia Dental Spa

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Our dental hygienists are professionally qualified and expertly trained to work with our dentists to deliver high quality care to our patients.

Hygienist services at Omnia Dental Spa in Wythall, Birmingham include:

Oral Hygiene Advice – For Healthy Teeth & Gums

  • Comprehensive oral hygiene advice to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. This includes tailored brushing instruction, flossing advice, dietary advice and recommending products to help you clean between your teeth in order to keep your teeth and gums free of bacterial plaque.

Scaling & Polishing – For A Fresher, Cleaner Mouth

  • Professional cleaning of your teeth. This is more commonly known as 'scaling & polishing'. Our hygienist will carefully remove deposits of hardened plaque (also known as 'scale', 'tartar' or 'calculus') from your teeth using a gentle ultrasonic scaler. The hygienistwill also advise you on how to prevent the deposits coming back. The final professional polishing will remove surface stains and help improve the appearance of your teeth. Your whole mouth will look, and feel, fresher and cleaner!

Stain Removal – For A Naturally Brighter, Whiter Smile

  • Stain-removal using the gentle, but very effective, Prophyjet air abrasion system.The Prophyjet stain removal treatment uses a mixture of air, water and fine powder (calcium carbonate) particles to literally 'jet wash' your teeth! Unlike conventional polishing, which utilises pasteon a rotary brush or rubber cup, the Prophyjet unit does not actually touch your teeth so there is no vibration. The high pressure water washes away soft plaque deposits whilst the spherical powder particles blast away extrinsic stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking. A Prophyjet clean is also beneficial before any teeth whitening procedure as it improves the results of the teeth whitening treatment.

Hygienist appointments are a very important part of the on-going, routine care of all our patients. We normally recommend that you visit our hygienist at least once every 3-6 months. Our dentists and hygienists will advise you on the appropriate appointment interval for your specific needs. As well as scaling and polishing your teeth and providing dietary advice, they will help you to look after your teeth and gums in the correct manner at home.

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